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Mechanics – Formulary Engineering Mechanics

The formulas used in the exercises for Engineering Mechanics 1 and Engineering Mechanics 2 are now available as an Android app. The app is in the open beta test, i.e. you can already install and try it out, the number of testers is limited to 1,000.

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The content is extended on a permanently base. The current topics are:

  • General
    • Centroids of geometrical shapes
    • Greek Alphabet
    • Trigonometrics
      • Radiant conversion
      • Functions in a right-angled triangle
      • Significant results of trigonometric functions
    • Right-Hand-Rules
    • Rule of Sarrus
  • Statics
    • Bearing symbols and bearing loads
    • Free Body Diagram Examples
    • Functions for common line load types
    • Belt friction and friction coefficients
    • Section modulus and area moment of inertia for different cross-sections
  • Strength of materials
    • Stress
      • Stress tensor
      • Stress vector
      • Invariants of the stress tensor
    • Strain
      • Hooke’s law
      • Thermal strain
      • Strain tensor acc. to Cauchy-Green

On each topics page is a link to pickedshares, so the relevant exercises can be found quickly for better understanding.