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Profile assistent

The profile assistant searches for suitable steel construction profiles with a tolerance of ±20% of the entered values. The search is carried out across different profile types: you can compare steel construction profiles using different standards and find the profile that best suits your project. The database is constantly being expanded and currently contains:

  • Parallel flange I sections, IPE, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Wide flange beams, HE, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Extra wide flange beams, HLZ, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Extra wide flange beams, HL, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Wide flange columns, HD, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Wide flange bearing piles, HP, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Wide flange bearing piles, UBP, acc. EN 10365:2017
  • Universal beams, UB, acc. EN 10365:2017


Here will be the results!


ACross-sectional area
AGPaint area per unit of mass
ALPaint area per unit length
AvzEffective shear area
dHeight of the web
GMass per unit of length
hiInner height between flanges
ISecond moment of area, Area moment of inertia
iRadius of inertia
ItTorsional area moment
Iw2nd degree arching moment
rFillet radius
SSLoad distribution width
tfFlange thickness
twWeb thickness
WelElastic section modulus
WplPlastic section modulus

Calculation tools

The online calculators for calculating the deformation or deflection of beams can be used to carry out an initial, approximate dimensioning.

About profile recherche

Comparing steel construction profiles is a time-consuming activity.

The comparison of different steel construction profiles with regard to their characteristic values ​​for the geometrical moment of inertia or the moment of resistance against bending is of interest if no profile has yet been selected for a project or if a certain profile type is not available or is too late. Since there are many different steel profiles, researching a suitable profile is usually time-consuming, as the information required is contained in many different and, in some cases, comprehensive tables. This work is done by one of the profile assistants!

The search parameters "area moment of inertia" and "resistance moment against bending" each relate to the so-called "strong axis", here denoted by y, of the beam.

The profile pictures shown are out of scale schematic sketches. Clicking on a single result entry shows further details of the respective profile.

The information on the profiles comes from the ArcelorMittal Europe product catalog, which also contains further information. No liability is assumed for the correctness of the information on this page and the results of the profile assistant.