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Beam calculator - even line load

This is a free beam calculator, especially the "deflection calculator line load". The beam is on a fixed and a floating bearing, loaded by an even line load.

Some notes

Two tips and examples for converting units for the modulus of elasticity and the geometrical moment of inertia.

The E-Modulus of Aluminium is 70000 N/mm² respective 70 GPa.

The area moment of inertia for an IPB-beam with a flange width of 120 mm according to DIN 1025 is Iy = 318 cm4, this equals 3180000 mm4.

The calculation of the deflection is carried out using the Bernoulli beam deflection theory.

Example calculation

Let's assume we have a platform with a surface area of 9 m² under pressure of 10 kN/m². The platform is placed symmetrically on three beams with a distance between the supports of 5 m. So each beam has to bear a load of 30 kN, which leads to a line load of 6 kN/m.

The area moment of inertia shall be 318 cm4, as mentioned above.

We type the data in the "deflection calculator line load". The parameter for the section modulus is optional. If there is no value put in there, there will be no result for the bending moment, but still for the deflection.

Our example leads to a deflection of 73 mm. The beam is not suitable for this load, due to its deflection exceeds the acceptable value of l/200 = 25 mm.