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Beam calculator - excentrical load

This is the "deflection calculator excentrical load", the beam is on a locating and a floating bearing, loaded by an off-center or excentrical load. This beam calculator is free to use.

Some notes

Two tips and examples for converting units for the modulus of elasticity and the geometrical moment of inertia.

The E-Modulus of Aluminium is 70000 N/mm² respective 70 GPa, for Steel it is 210000 N/mm² respective 210 GPa.

The geometrical moment of inertia for an angle steel 50 x 5 according DIN 1028 is Iy = 11 cm4, this equals 110000 mm4.

The deflection calculator excentrical load is based on the Bernoulli beam theory. This means the results of this calculation tool are only valid for small deflections. Usually deflection limits in steel constructions are l/200 or l/300, with l as the length of the beam.

If you are looking for the mechanical properties of several types of section, feel free to use the online calculation tools in sections. These tools allow to calculate the section properties in both metric and imperial units. The types of sections are continuously extended.

Another way to find the right section is to use the Profile Assistant.