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Beam calculator - beam with fixation and single load

This is a free beam calculator. Use this calculator for the determination of the cantilever beam deflection.

Some notes

The cantilever beam deflection is an easy to calculate scenario, especially if it is under single load. You'll find some background calculations regarding the determination of the internal forces in the section Engineering Mechanics II - Theory of materials.

Two tips and examples for converting units for the Young's modulus and the geometrical moment of inertia.

The modulus of Young's modulus of steel is 210,000 N / mm² or 210 GPa, alloyed steels such as V2A or V4A, however, have somewhat lower values. Use the link in the paragraph above to get detailed informations about the Young's modulus for certain materials.

The area moment of inertia for an angle steel 70 x 7 according DIN 1028 is Iy = 42,4 cm4, this equals 424000 mm4. There is a profile assistant tool on this page, at the moment only available in German language. It lets you crawl through different section types of steel profiles while you can search for a range of values in different parameter.

The deflection is calculated on the basis of the Bernoulli beam deflection. This means, the results of this calculations are only valid for small deformations.

You can find additional beam deflection calculators in the section Tools of this page.