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Young's modulus of several materials

The following table shows a list of the material Young's modulus (modulus of elasticity) of several materials. Online calculators for calculating the beam bending can be found here.

MaterialYoung's modulus in N/mm²in GPain Mpsi
Aluminium alloys70.0007010,15
Cast iron GG-20100.00010014,5
Cast iron GG-30120.00012017,4
Cast iron GG-40140.00014020,3
Cast iron GGG-38 ... 72175.00017525,38
Polyamide (PA6.6)3.1003,10,45
Steel (austenitic)196.00019628,43
Titanium alloys120.00012017,4
Young's modulus of several materials

The values ​​listed here are used to roughly determine material deformations. The actual values ​​may vary depending on the exact material composition and the operating temperature.