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Characteristics of a bolted connection acc. DIN EN ISO 4014

This page shows the essential information about a bolt connection (through-hole with a bolt inserted through it) with the following components:

  • Bolt DIN EN ISO 4014
  • Nut DIN EN ISO 4032
  • Washer DIN EN ISO 7089

This page serves as a guide when selecting suitable screws and represents an excerpt or compiled information from the various standards, but does not replace a proof of strength for a screw connection.

Section view of the bolt connection

Characteristics of the bolt connection

Parameters, geometricalSymbolUnitStandardM3M4M5M6M8M10M12M16M20
PitchpmmISO 2610,50,70,811,251,51,7522,5
Head heightammDIN EN ISO 401422,83,545,36,67,51012,5
Washer thicknessbmmDIN EN ISO 70890,50,811,61,622,533
Diameter of the through holecmmDIN EN 20273 (middle)3,44,55,56,691113,517,522
Inner diameter of the washerdmmDIN EN ISO 70893,24,35,36,48,410,5131721
Thread lengthemmDIN EN ISO 4014, l <= 125 mm121416182226303846
Thread lengthemmDIN EN ISO 4014, l <= 200 mm4452
Head height of the nutfmmDIN EN ISO 40322,43,24,75,26,88,410,814,818
Outer diameter of the washergmmDIN EN ISO 70897910121620243037
Parameters, mechanicalStrength class
Minimum breaking force of the bolt connectionkN5.62,514,397,11018,32942,278,5122