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Typical evaluation criteria for mechanical engineering constructions

This article lists typical evaluation criteria for mechanical constructions that can be used to carry out a benefit analysis for concept or solution selection after project-specific weighting. As always, the criteria must be developed individually in each project and for each product, so this list is to be understood as a suggestion.



Are there any reservations about the solution?


How big is the effort to implement?

Operating cost

How high is the energy / material / time required for the operation?


How complex is the solution?

Are failures to be expected?


Is it difficult to operate?

Are there any burdens from the solution?


Is it time-consuming to manufacture?

Are fixtures needed?


Are the required functions fulfilled?

How well are the required functions fulfilled?

Are desired functions fulfilled?

Innovative character

Can you set yourself apart from the competition with the solution?


Does the solution need frequent maintenance?

Is maintenance cumbersome?

Customer benefit (or user benefit)

How well is the customer problem solved?

Are customer expectations being exceeded?


Is it easy to assemble?

Are there any complicated setting procedures?


Is it easy to spot errors?


Do measures have to be taken to ensure safe operation?


Can you easily derive other variants?

Can a modularization be made?


Are the technologies required for implementation known?


Can it be transported well?

Are modifications necessary for a transport?


Is it a sustainable solution?

Are there any environmental impacts?

Is recycling possible?

The evaluation criteria for mechanical constructions can be extended by various additional aspects, e.g. with regard to detailed functions which have to be achieved. So maybe you will include the fulfilment of certain regulations or harmonised standards.

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