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Beam calculator - beam with two symmetrical loads

This is a beam calculator that can be used to determine the deflection of a beam under symmetrical loads. The beam is supported on a locating bearing and a floating bearing. Section attributes can be calculated with the section tools.

Application example

Example for a centric load on a beam
Example for a centric load on a beam

When does the scenario of a beam under symmetrical loads takes place?

An aggregate is placed on a beam. In the first approach, one could assume that the load is introduced either centrally (that would be greatly simplified) or as a line load.

However, the aggregate itself is rigid compared to the beam, i.e. its deformation under its own load is less than that of the beam.

The result is that the weight of the aggregate is only applied to the outside of the beam at the two contact points. The horizontal component of the contact forces can be neglected due to the usually only slight curvature of the beam.

Of course, the type of load application depends on how the contact point is designed, i.e. whether it is a connection that can transmit moments or not. Here you can find several options for clamping devices on a beam.

Additional beam sections data

Usually, you have to read through different tables of profiles like I-beams, H-beams, U-Beams and some more to find the proper section for your project. But there is a new tool on this page: the Profile Assistant. The Profile Assistant can be used by entering the desired section attribute, and the it gives you the fitting sections from different types of beam sections. Just try it out!