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Beam calculator - cantilever beam under line load

This is a cantilever beam calculator. Determine the beam deflection and the bending stress.

Data for the area moment of inertia and the section modulus can be found with the profile assistant or the calculation tools in the sections menu..

The calculated angle α ist to be understood as the angle of the beam at the point of maximum deflection. The angle at the fixed restraint is always zero.

Example calculation

Let's calculate the deflection of a platform, which is supported equally by two beams. The load on the platform is 35 kN, the platform has a depth of 1,5 m. The line load for one beam results from the half platform load on the 1,5 m length. This means q = 11,667 N/m. The beam is made of steel with an Young's modulus of 210 GPa. The beams have been chosen to be HE 180 M with a area moment of inertia of Iy = 7483 cm4 and a section modulus of Wb = 748,3 cm3.

The cantilever beam deflection calculator returns the following values: the maximum deflection is 0.47 mm and the maximum bending tension is Mb = -17.54 N/mm2. The beams seem to be oversized!